Surface Tension Measurement

Surface tension is a property of the surface of a liquid that allows it to resist an external force. We come across many applications of Surface Tension in our daily life, the use of detergent, soap, shampoo, creams, branded juice, soft drink, bear, pharmaceutical suspensions, printing, writing, printing etc are some common process, where Surface Tension has an important role to play. The formulator needs to use various Surfactants in order to develop a product which meet user’s expectations and are cost effective.

Contact Angle Measurement

Contact Angle Measurement System is a tool to study the wetting behavior of a liquid on Solid. Phenomenon like spreadability, absorption, adsorption, dissolution can be studied by contact angle measurement devices.

When an interface exists between a liquid and a solid, the angle between the surface of the liquid and the outline of the contact surface is described as the contact angle θ (lower case theta). The contact angle (wetting angle) is a measure of the wettability of a solid by a liquid.

Dynamic Foam Analysis

Foam Plays an important role in numerous products and technical process - either intended or as an unwanted side effects. Whether warmly welcome or an uninvited guest: Foam occurs almost everywhere that liquids are in motion.

For many labs in research or industrial quality control, measuring and analyzing foam is a huge challenge. Most commonly, companies use handmade custom solutions to analyze their foam. However, such solutions are hardly related to standards and are highly user dependent.

Dispersion Emulsion & Suspension Stability Analysis.

The study of stability of emulsion/suspension/dispersion requires proper understanding of fundamental concepts, such as Flocculation, Coalescence, Stability, Precipitation, Deposition and the evolution of droplet size distribution.

Turbiscan is the reference for stability analyzer. It is used world-wide to detect at an early all kinds of destabilizations such as coalescence, flocculation, Creaming, Sedimentation etc...Various products such as Emulsions, Suspensions or Foams can be studied from low to high concentrations without any sample preparation or dilution