Contact Angle Measurement

OR101 Automated Drop Shape Method – Wetting Angles (Equilibrium advancing (wetting) angles are reported, using a single liquid, ten droplets measured.)
OR102 Automated Drop Shape Method – Dewetting Angles {Equilibrium receding (dewetting) angles are reported, using a single liquid, ten droplets measured.}
OR103 Automated Drop Shape Method – Spreading Chararacteristics (Contact angle is reported as a function of time from the time of droplet placement until the contact angle equilibrates, using a single liquid; three droplets are studied)
OR104 Wilhelmy Method – Characterization of the Whole Surface (Advancing and receding angles are reported along with wetted length, using a single liquid; duplicate experiments performed. Note that the sample must be the same on both sides).
OR105 Surface Energy – Fowkes Method (Equilibrium advancing contact angles are reported for two liquids Fowkes surface energy theory is used to determine overall, polar, and disperse components of the solid’s surface energy.)

Surface Energy – Other Methods (Priced per number of liquids studied for advancing contact angle, with application of relevant theories included.)

OR106 Washburn Sorption Method for Contact Angles (Results are capillary constant for the solid, and contact angle for a single liquid, duplicate tests. Viscosity, surface tension and density of the liquid used muAst be known.)
OR107 Automated Drop Shape Method – Adsorption Characteristics (Contact angle data is collected as a function of time from the time of droplet placement to equilibration (typically 0°). The contact angles reported are “apparent” angles which characterize absorbency of the solid. For a single liquid, three droplets are measured.)


♦ All the services includes atleast 50 measurements and results will be provided in pdf format with raw data and curves at various concentrations.

♦ Experiment with variant temperatures charges 25% extra.

Instruments Used

Mobile Drop-GH11

Mobile Surface Analyzer- MSA

DropShape Analyzer DSA100