Evaluating Silicone Hair Treatment

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 AR201  Critical micelle concentration as a function of head group size for alkyl alcohol ethoxylates  download (1)
 AR202  Surface Tensiometry as a technique for the study of polymer/surfactant interactions in solution  download (1)
 AR203  The Effects of Ageing on the Properties Soybeans Based Cooking Oil  download (1)
 AR204  Synergistic aspects of surfactant mixtures  download (1)
 AR205  Membrane Wettability  download (1)
 AR206  Contact angle determination by the "straw" method and packed cell method  download (1)
AR208 Contact Angle Measurement of Spice Oil on Powder Carrier Systems  download (1)
AR209  Evaluating the Efficacy of Lignosulphonates as Dispersing Agent  download (1)
AR210 Measuring Surface Tension and Critical Micelle Concentration on Cationic Surfactant Solutions  download (1)
AR212 Fountain Solutions for Offset Printing  download (1)
AR215 Calculation of Diffusion-Coefficients from the Maximum Bubble Pressure Experiment for Pure n-Alkyl-ß-D-Glucosides  download (1)
AR218 Optimization of antigraffiti coatings based on silicon-hybrid Systems  download (1)
AR223 Wetting and Adhesion of Hotmelts  download (1)
AR224 Dispersibility predictions - Some practical examples  download (1)
AR228 Characterization of wettability and surface properties of textile fabrics and fibers  download (1)
AR231 Assessing the cleaning ability of queous surfactant solutions on soiled hydrophobic textile fabrics by using contact angle and surface tension measurements  download (1)
AR232 Adhesion Energy and Interfacial Tension - Two Related Coating/Substrate Interfacial Properties Which is More Important for Your Application, and Why?  download (1)
AR234 Determination of the surface free energy of electronic components  download (1)
AR235 Interfacial tension and wetting in liquid-liquid separation technology  download (1)
AR236 Determination of the surface free energy of electronic components  download (1)
AR238 Contact angle measurement at high temperatures -Measuring the contact angle of slag melts on graphite and aluminum oxide carrier materials  download (1)
AR239 Surface Energy Characterization and Adhesion Properties of High Viscosity Ink Pastes  download (1)
AR240 Wettability of swellable nonwovens – Determination of Contact angle against swellable non-woven Material  download (1)
AR244 Characterisation of Microscopically Small Surfaces by Means of Contact Angle Measurement  download (1)
AR245 The role of Surfactants, adhesion energy and interfacial tensions in fiber coating application  download (1)
AR248 IFT as a predictor of the completeness of pore wetting in epoxy resin impregnated non-woven glass  download (1)
AR257 Nanoparticle Surface Energy Determinations  download (1)
AR258 How effective is hot-wax treatment?  download (1)
AR259 In-line process control with MobileDrop: monitoring cleaning performance on glass surfaces  download (1)
AR265 Interfacial rheology with high-viscosity oils  download (1)
AR266 Characterization of microscopically small surfaces on dental implants by using contact angle measurements on picoliter drops  download (1)
AR268 Kinetic investigations into the effectiveness of surfactants  download (1)
AR271 Wettability of carbon fibres using single-fibre contact angle measurements - a feasibility study  download (1)



AR207 Applications of Sessile-Drop and Pendant-Drop Techniques in Offset Printing Technology  download (1)
 AR211 Surface Characterization in Biomedical Engineering  download (1)
 AR213 Two-Component Surface Energy Characterization As a Predictor of Wettability and Dispersability  download (1)
 AR221 Wettabilities and Surface Tension of Different Paper Types  download (1)
 AR222 How absorbent are diapers?  download (1)
 AR227 Phase boundaries under pressure  download (1)
 AR229 Contact Angle Measurements on Large Surfaces  download (1)
AR231 Assessing the cleaning ability of queous surfactant solutions on soiled hydrophobic textile fabrics by using contact angle and surface tension measurements  download (1)
AR243 Choosing a corrosion prevention compound - surface science helping to preserve aeronautical equipment  download (1)
AR246 EDM/ODM Stretching Exercises for Drops  download (1)
AR249 Characterization of liquid foams by the determination of surface rheological properties of surfactant solutions  download (1)
AR250 Effect of Temperature on the Surface Energy of Solids  download (1)
AR251 Upside down: Surface energy measurement of textiles by captive bubble method  download (1)
AR252 Measuring the surface free energy of human skin  download (1)
AR253 Correlation of recending water contact angle data with moisture vapor transition rate on corona treated polypropylene packaging film  download (1)
AR254 Paper wettability by water-based inks  download (1)
AR255 Methods for Wettability Determination on Hydrogels  download (1)
AR256 Ozone treatment of polymer surfaces  download (1)
AR260 Optimising Automotive Coatings - the Balancing Act between Adhesion Energies, Interfacial Tensions, and Spreading Coefficients  download (1)
AR261 Surfactant Additives for Pesticide Formulations – Effects on both Spray Atomization and Substrate Wettability  download (1)
AR262 The Effect of an Oxygen-Helium Atmospheric Plasma on the Surface Energy of Medical Plastics  download (1)
AR263 No chance for wetness - Surface science for optimal wood protection  download (1)
AR264 Light metal, but difficult to bond  download (1)
AR265 Interfacial rheology with high-viscosity oils  download (1)
AR276 Development of customized demulsifiers  download (1)
AR277 Surface tension as a basic parameter for controlling drop dispensing of ophthalmic solutions  download (1)
TN302 Wettability studies for porous solids including powders and fibrous materials  download (1)



AR267 Foam behavior and foam stability of aqueous surfactant solutions  download (1)
AR269 Investigating the foam-inhibiting effect of antifoaming agents in printing lacquers  download (1)
AR270 Investigating the foaming behavior of cooling lubricants and the effect of foam inhibitors (antifoams)  download (1)
AR274 Foamability of different milk types, and stability and structure of the foam produced  download (1)
AR275 Comparison of the foam behavior of different types of beer independently of CO2 content  download (1)



OR101 Stability analysis with  Turbiscan  (general cases)  download (1)
OR102 Stability of suspensions for electronic applications  download (1)
OR103 Stability of pigment inkjet inks  download (1)
OR104 Stability of various beverage emulsions  download (1)
OR105 Stability of pharmaceutical products   download (1)